How Automated Subscription Billing Can Free Up Your Sales Team

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Subscription billing automation is a great tool that can free up time for you sales team enabling them to focus on activities that are really important and more aligned with their core roles.

Research has demonstrated that when automation is used by businesses, teams become more focused and performance is improved significantly. This can help your sales team to develop better quality leads and close more deals.

Sales reps like billing to be automated because it allows them to concentrate on activities that will lead to greater commissions: selling. Therefore including automation within your system can help with your sales team’s morale.

So how does billing automation improve your processes and free up your sales team?

  1. Easier To Provide Quotes

If your sales teams are generating their quotes and invoices by hand to customers, then there is a greater chance of mistakes not to mention the time taken to create the original document. Any mistakes have to be corrected before the customer will accept the quote and this takes more time away from the sales rep.

If mistakes are not spotted by either the sales agent or your prospect, then this can lead to the latter pulling out of the deal.

  1. Not Correcting Billing Errors

Human error happens more often than machine error (unless there is something wrong with the programming). By not having your sales reps manually create the invoices, you are creating a more accurate invoicing system that won’t require correcting or clarifying.

Frequent mistakes on invoices include wrong client details, wrong product information, wrong prices, missing discounts, wrong tax codes and wrong total amounts. Your invoices might also include wrong payment or contact details – which can lead to incorrect or delayed payments.

  1. Automation Makes It Quicker To Create Invoices

An automation system that can automatically select the services and products bought by the customer from a pre-selected list is going to be much more effective than your sales team entering the data manually. Invoices can be created at the same time each period or just after the purchase – so customers know when to expect their invoices – something that helps with receiving payment on time.

  1. Automation Helps With Reporting

As well as creating invoices, billing automation helps your sales reps with compiling their monthly reports. These reports are important for their commissions but active sales reps can have hundreds of bills to compile and therefore this process can be lengthy. By having billing automatically completed for your sales team, they can click on a few options through your software to produce their reports.

  1. Automation Helps Focus Their Efforts

By looking at the reports (as mentioned in number four) of their billing periods, sale reps can look at which pitches and prospects performed best. This can help them to refine their sale pitches, their targets and even when they make certain calls to clients for greater efficiency and to sell more.

If the invoicing system can be connected with the CRM system you use, there is also the opportunity for sale agents to see who are the best customers and contact them for up selling or cross selling.


Subscription billing automation is a great tool for your business. It helps you reassign your sale teams so they are completing the work they are best at: selling. It also helps to close more deals and reduce mistakes in the billing process.

Automation doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. There are off the shelf options for your business that can be easily introduced to your sales team including Fusebill.

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