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While Recurly bills itself as the best subscription management and recurring billing platform, not everyone will agree.

For one, I’ve heard of businesses:

  • encountering software bugs,
  • needing to wait a long time to create subscriptions in the software,
  • having to foot hefty bills for their pricing plan,
  • receiving poor customer support, and more.

If you’re a Recurly user, you may know these issues all too well.

So, whether you’re new to subscription management software or looking to switch from Recurly, I’m glad you’re considering Fusebill.

We pride ourselves on providing a high-performing—yet easy-to-use—subscription management platform that helps businesses get paid, cut involuntary churn, and grow their revenue.

So, what makes Fusebill one of the best Recurly alternatives? Let’s take a look.


As a best-in-class billing automation and subscription management tool, Fusebill contains all the features that businesses need to streamline their subscription billing processes.

Key features include:

  • A flexible product catalog that can accommodate unlimited products, unlimited plans—and unlimited possibilities for creating bespoke customer subscriptions.
  • Automated dunning management to rescue failed payments through credit card retries and automated notifications to customers.
  • Comprehensive reports and analytics for tracking vital subscription metrics such as monthly recurring revenue (MRR), churn rate, and customer lifetime value (LTV).
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce, Avalara, Digital River, and other tools you use to run your subscription business.

While Recurly largely shares the same main feature set, its general ledger foundation isn’t as sophisticated as Fusebill’s. As a result, it might not be able to handle more advanced billing needs such as automated price uplifts—which Fusebill can execute with no trouble at all.

Apart from this, there are also other differences between Fusebill and Recurly’s features. I’ll share these in more detail below, so keep reading!

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Billing and payment collection

Unlike Fusebill, Recurly supports B2C-friendly payment options such as Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and Venmo. You can set these up by integrating a suitable third-party payment gateway—Recurly doesn’t offer a native solution.

If you’re a B2C business, such e-wallet support might be useful. But if you sell to businesses—and especially if you sell software subscriptions—you’ll find Fusebill to be the more attractive of the two billing solutions.

We want to make it easy for B2B businesses to take online payments, so we’ve integrated a payment gateway directly into our subscription billing software.

Not only will you skip the hassle of setting up a separate payment gateway, but you can also look forward to:

  • money-saving transaction options like ACH,
  • automatic updating of customer credit card data to prevent expired cards from thwarting subscription renewals, and
  • competitive payment processing rates to help you minimize transaction fees and maximize profit.

Apart from that, Fusebill’s more advanced general ledger foundation lets businesses effortlessly set up complex billing arrangements commonly seen in the B2B space.

For example, do you need to schedule regular price uplifts for customers? As mentioned above, Fusebill makes doing so a breeze. And likewise for…

Revenue recognition

Fusebill offers 100% compliance with ASC 606 revenue recognition principles, where you simply need to specify whether you’d like to recognize revenue for a customer’s subscription immediately, over time, by milestone, or manually.

Our subscription billing software then takes care of the rest, without you needing to get bogged down in identifying performance obligations, allocating transaction prices, and other technical ASC 606 rules.

In particular, Fusebill offers milestone revenue recognition—which is one of the more complicated ASC 606 methods—out of the box. If you need to recognize revenue by milestone, such as for the provision of professional B2B services, you’ll find this feature especially valuable.

On the other hand, Recurly can’t handle milestone revenue recognition on its own.

You’d need to integrate a third-party platform to get the job done—which potentially adds to the cost and complexity of your revenue management setup.


Our Fusebill pricing plans are hard to beat.

We don’t believe in locking advanced features behind more expensive plans, so we don’t do so. Instead, all our pricing plans grant access to our full range of subscription management and recurring billing software features.

The only difference between our plans is the monthly fee you’ll pay. This is a flat fee with no hidden charges, which we determine using your yearly net invoiced revenue figure.

Even if you go over your plan’s revenue band, you’ll get to stay on it—at no extra cost—until your annual contract is up for renewal. At that point, we’ll move you to a higher plan.

In contrast, Recurly imposes a 0.9% overage fee for exceeding its plans’ revenue caps. A 0.9% fee may not sound like very much, but let’s run the numbers.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay in overage fees for various amounts of overage revenue:


Overage revenue Overage fee







These are surprisingly large amounts that you’ll lose to overage fees, which effectively act as a deterrent against making more money!

So if you want to be able to generate unlimited revenue without worrying about overage fees, Fusebill is the investment that makes more financial sense.

Regulatory compliance

With Fusebill being designed with U.S.-based businesses in mind, we’ve built and rigorously stress-tested it to adhere to North American security regulations. Fusebill is PCI Level 1-certified and audited annually to ensure compliance with strict and ever-changing requirements.

While Recurly is also PCI-compliant, it additionally complies with SEPA. This may make it suitable for businesses that have many customer relationships in the E.U.

But beware if you do business in the U.K. Recurly deletes invoice data after six years, causing it to fall short of U.K. data retention regulations.

For complete assurance that your business complies with the relevant international regulations, use Fusebill with an integration to merchant of record Digital River.

Our friends at Digital River do an incredible job of helping businesses achieve compliance no matter which country they’re expanding to. The platform can also handle domestic taxes on your behalf to make tax calculation, collection, and remittance painless.

Digital River doesn’t integrate with Recurly, however. As a result, you may end up forgoing such international expertise if you opt for Recurly over Fusebill.

While Recurly alternatives are plenty, Fusebill is your best bet

Recurly may be a good option if you’re a B2C business and if you primarily serve the E.U. market. But when it comes to modern, convenient, and compliant recurring billing for U.S.-based B2B businesses, there is no better solution than Fusebill.

When you introduce Fusebill to your subscription management processes, you’ll unlock a range of powerful features for:

  • taking recurring payments with an integrated payment gateway,
  • recognizing revenue in an ASC 606-compliant fashion,
  • reporting on SaaS metrics to monitor your business’s financial health, and
  • adhering to your data security obligations.

Couple all these with a predictable total cost of ownership, and it’s clear why Fusebill is the recurring billing tool of choice for over 10 million businesses.

Check out our case studies to learn how businesses like yours have automated their billing, plugged revenue leaks, and scaled their growth with Fusebill. And when you’re ready, schedule a demo with our billing experts to explore how Fusebill can help your business, too.

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