Adventure Sportsman Brings Creative Thinking to Subscription Based Businesses

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When it comes to taking on a new opportunity, Kyle Booysen doesn’t just take it on. He sees the challenge and, like a savvy poker player, raises the pot to a set of newer, more ambitious goals.

One thing about Fusebill’s Subscription Billing Consultant, though. You won’t see him bluffing or folding.

Kyle’s sense of adventure became a significant part of his personality at an early age. His youngest years were spent in South Africa with his family. His parents feared the growing political and social climate was not going to improve so they packed up Kyle and his younger brother and moved them to Australia.

He went to school in Australia and graduated from the Queensland University of Technology. Even in an ambitious college track of business management, he chose to focus on international business. “I loved the challenge in learning about the global marketplace and things like different trade tariffs. Plus, there are many differences in marketing between different countries and cultures.”

After graduating from college, he began working in the grocery retail business. Even when he later became a store manager, the requirements were too predictable for his adventurous spirit. “It’s a standardized process in a corporate environment. The hours are very set, and the processes repetitive.”

Changing continents for new professional and personal directions

So, he decided to make some changes, not just in his career, but in his entire geographical center. Recalling a trip he took in his mid-teens to visit family in Vancouver, Kyle decided to head overseas and reestablish himself in Canada.

For the first time ever, Kyle experienced his first snowfall when he lived in Banff, Alberta. Before the snow even fell where he was, he recalls being able to watch the snowline coming down the mountains in late October. Then, overnight, the snow “fell like crazy. We got about a half meter at once. I threw on my ski gear and we had a huge snowball fight, right in a field. Snow really brings out the kid in you.”

Although up to this point, his taste for exploration was already sharp, it grew even more. Living in ski towns accommodated that desire. “I’m really into adventure sports,” he explained. Kyle has been to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal and gone rock climbing in Thailand. As long as it’s outdoors, he’ll find an adventure, though. “I like hiking and mountain biking but I love big mountain snowboarding.”

KyleMtEverestBaseCamp-Nepal-2017Kyle at Mt. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

His snowboarding fun isn’t limited to the comparatively domesticated ski mountains. “I have taken a helicopter to the top of a mountain to snowboard down it,” he admitted. “To be in snow that nobody has touched before… making fresh tracks myself is like finding the holy grail.”

Kyle-SnowboardingMt.RevelstokeBritish-ColumbiaSizing up the snowboarding challenge at Mt. Revelstoke, Canada

Fresh  from cold water surfboarding at Tofino, Canada.

Taking on new challenges in the Ottawa tech arena

After going on countless treks with his girlfriend Julia, Kyle’s explorations have brought them back around to her hometown of Ottawa, and a whole new professional venture.

Making a career shift, Kyle started working for Fusebill several months ago. “It was a huge change moving into the software industry,” he said. “It’s so different. Before I started working here, I hadn’t even heard of a subscription billing solution. Cloud based technology has allowed people to build solutions that serve important special niches of the market or business functionality.

“In the Fusebill culture, everyone is working toward a common goal. There is a different involvement in the depth of conversation with people. People have creative ideas, and they are encouraged to share them. You don’t get that working with a conglomerate.”

In his position, Kyle takes incoming calls. In contrast to other business models that cast a wide net for customers, his business development role ensures the customers that come to Fusebill are a good fit with the Fusebill subscription management and recurring billing platform.

Through a series of questions, he learns about a company’s workflow, their industry and what they are trying to achieve by teaming up with a company that offers recurring billing strategies and solutions. “We want to make sure every business that comes on board is a good fit.

“When it is a good match, Fusebill is extremely valuable for the prospect’s business model and workflow.”

The initial conversation with Fusebill’s subscription billing consultant

Sometimes, it only takes a matter of minutes for Kyle to determine that a prospect’s needs would not be compatible with solutions offered by Fusebill. Other times, it might take a half hour of conversation for Kyle to learn enough about a prospect’s complex business model to determine the next steps.

On average, a qualifying phone call will take about 15 minutes.

In fact, Kyle recalled a day early into his time at Fusebill when he was scheduled to speak with 10 different companies in a day. “It was an usually high call day,” he said. “I was constantly on the phone.” But at the end of the day, he was able to schedule 7 out of the 10 calls for additional time to demo Fusebill solutions. “It was a huge confidence builder for me.”

His enthusiasm has not gone unnoticed. “Kyle epitomizes everything wonderful about the current generation,” Peter MacKie, the Vice President of Sales and Kyle’s direct supervisor, summed up. “He is well educated, hardworking, focused on the task at hand, and a team player.”

Determining if a prospect will be well served with Fusebill’s subscription management solution is not always a simple process, though. “In some cases, I might have to pause my conversation to ask engineers whether we could accommodate a business for a challenge the prospect faces. It is a very flexible solution so we do have a lot of different ways to architect a fit.”

Manual recurring billing is unscalable

“By far the biggest issue businesses come to us for is to solve their manual billing process,” he said. “It's quite surprising to see the size of companies that come to us. They can be multi-million dollar companies and they still haven't figured out the workflow for automating the billing process, whether it's monthly, annually or quarterly.

“Charging someone for a service is a relatively simple process. You just send out an invoice and you collect it. But when you have recurring invoices going out, it becomes very complex.

“You need to keep track of what services you're offering people, how much they owe you for those services, the dates you need to invoice them on. Are you invoicing them before you provide the service or after? If you're invoicing them before, you need to keep track of the deferred revenue. So, how much money have you earned? How much of it is deferred? How much of it is a liability?”

Customers are required to track all of this information for generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). For example, Kyle explained, a recurring billing client would say: “'This customer has paid us for the month of September. It’s the 10th of September, so we're up to one-third  of that money and we owe them two-thirds of that service.’ This is one reason why manual billing processes are not scalable.”

Another reason people are looking for a billing solution is to track failed payments. “A lot of companies spend hours and hours retrying credit cards and emailing customers that owe them money. The Fusebill system automates that entire process. If anyone owes you money or their credit card has expired, or their credit card was overcharged and you couldn’t get money out of it, we’ll retry the payment and send them automated emails. We’ll do that complex dunning management process.”

When matched up with a solution such as the billing process that Fusebill offers, streamlining and automating the billing process has helped clients save time, and money, while offering scalability.

Uncovering diverse companies with recurring billing challenges

As with any thriving SaaS business like Fusebill, there is a lot of analytic work to be done with the marketing and sales departments. Working with Peter and Jacob Varghese, the Vice President of Marketing, the three analyze different sales and marketing campaigns.

Because Kyle speaks with each prospective business, the information he is able to glean from his conversations provides insights with the leads specific campaigns have produced.

“There’s no point for us in cold calling businesses. We could cold call 10,000 businesses before we find a prospect looking for a solution. That sales model just doesn’t work for us. Our sales funnel trimming is done at the marketing level, so we want to bring in the right kind of fit for our company.

“We look at what has generated the most interest from sales campaigns. Also, we analyze what is just not working, what efforts are working and what lead source is bringing in the highest quality prospects. That’s why we have such a low churn rate.”

The Fusebill platform is a great fit for many different industries. “There are a lot of businesses that are moving toward the subscription model from the standard model, because it’s easier to sell someone a product at $10 a month versus $120 a year. It’s even easier to sell someone $15 a month versus $120 a year, so you can actually make more money with that same product by using the subscription business model.

“We mostly work with SaaS companies that are leasing out their software on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We also work with a lot of FinTech companies, and a lot of medical companies and marketing agencies are moving toward a subscription model as well.”

Because each day brings new calls with different prospects, Kyle most looks forward to applying his creative thinking skills countless times during each conversation. “I enjoy the challenge of really trying to visualize how Fusebill will fit into the prospect’s workflow,” he said. “The solution is so flexible and robust, and we have so many different use cases. My job entails so much creative thinking. I need to try and envision how the Fusebill platform will add value to their subscription based business, how much of their receivables process can be automated, and what the workflow surrounding the recurring billing practice will look like. This is all prior to a demo.

“The real challenge is to get deep enough into a conversation in the 15 minutes I have with them to understand how they’re doing things now, how much can be streamlined, and what will the workflow look like afterwards,” he continued.

“Then I need to find a way to communicate the value behind the change in that process as well, as most people have an idea of what they want, and tend to resist something different, even if it makes more sense.”

Kyle has proven to be up to the multi-faceted challenge and his position is one that Peter looks forward to watching as Kyle’s skills continue to develop. “He willing to work hard to gain the needed experience,” Peter said. “It’s a pleasure to work with him.”

That experience and willingness to embrace challenges are certainly going to be assets as Kyle visualizes his future. “I want to have the flexibility to travel and see new places. I want to have the flexibility to do that as much as I like.” Whether it’s the people he meets or the businesses he encounters, Kyle knows he wants to make a difference. “I want to add value to the world and leave my mark on it.”

Kyle-Booysen-Fusebill-VietnamKyle and Julia beaching it in Vietnam

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