2021 in Review – Welcome to the Rocket Ship

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It has been nearly two years since Fusebill temporarily closed its office doors, asking the team to work from home for a couple of weeks, assuming we would be back in the office before we knew it.

Now, here we are at the end of 2021, and while we have yet to officially return to the office, we have not slowed down. 2021 was one of the biggest growth years for Fusebill since we started the business over a decade ago.

Toward the end of my 2020 in review article, I hinted at some big things that were in the pipeline for 2021: “As an indicator of our momentum even during the pandemic, we will be announcing some amazing partnerships and industry-leading announcements in our space early in the coming year.”

Today, these projects have already come to fruition, and I am excited to share this recap of how the year unfolded.

Joining a rocket ship

One of the biggest highlights for our business this spring was receiving a strategic investment from Stax—known as Fattmerchant at the time—an Orlando-based integrated payments technology provider.

For the most part, things internally at Fusebill have remained business as usual since receiving the investment—we did not make major changes to our team or overall product direction.

But it has given us the opportunity to draw on the additional resources and expertise our new strategic partner has to offer. We are no longer a business of forty-something employees; we are now part of a two hundred-plus-person, well-known North American brand.

This partnership has been highly complementary and has already helped Fusebill to fuel new growth, enabling us to offer our clients a more robust suite of billing tools and accelerate our product roadmap. Back in May, we launched our new payment gateway solution, Fusebill Payments Powered by Stax. It integrates payment processing directly into your Fusebill environment, reducing failed and late payments and helping your business get paid faster (shameless plug—check it out here).

At a time in the world when many other businesses have been struggling and even closing their doors, it is extremely humbling to have received an investment from such a well-known and reputable partner. It certainly shows the market and our customers that we are doing something right and is a huge compliment to both our team and the technical niche we are filling in a very hot fintech market.

For Greg Burwell and I, the original founders of Fusebill, the investment has assured us that all the late nights, all the hard work, all the effort was worth it. It has allowed us to close a chapter on the business and open the next one, which is going to be even bigger than we could have imagined.

Fusebill, ten years in

Just a couple of short months after joining the Stax family, we had another huge reason to celebrate: Fusebill turned ten years old.

When Greg and I founded the business back in 2011, I cannot say we had specific expectations around where we would be a decade down the road. Back then, we were first-time entrepreneurs and grinding hard to figure out the right path for our company. The fact we have been able to build a company and team that has lasted ten years and counting is humbling to reflect upon.

I am still so grateful to the employees and the clients who have been with us along the journey. Whether they have been with us for ten years, ten months, or ten days, they have all helped us get to where we are today.

And while ten years is a huge milestone that I am incredibly proud to have reached, there is always more work to be done. Our goal is to continuously drive growth and value for our clients, and, looking toward the next ten years, the sky is the limit.

The return to normalcy

Reflecting on these last couple of pandemic years, I am incredibly proud of how well our employees adapted and overcame the challenges presented by the pandemic. In my 2020 year in review article, I spoke about how our team really embodied our core value of family first, and they continued to do so throughout 2021.

It is exactly this human-centric, team-focused attitude that allowed us to not only survive the pandemic, but to thrive, despite its many challenges.

One of the things I am most looking forward to in the upcoming year is our return to the office. While we have hosted a few in-person company events over the last few months, we have not yet had the team together under one roof since those days before the pandemic.

At the same time, we have brought on quite a few talented remote employees from other cities across Canada, and realistically could not go back to an in-office-only business model, even if we wanted to. So, we will be continuing to embrace the concept of remote work, adopting a hybrid style to enable our team to find success from anywhere—whether that means working from our head office in Ottawa a few days per week, out of their own home office in Edmonton permanently, or from a beach in Mexico for a month.

I am also looking forward to seeing our growth continue into 2022. We anticipate increasing both revenue and employee headcount again this year. And because of our new hybrid-style workplace and partnership with Stax, we can bring on new team members from anywhere in North America.

It truly has been a milestone year for Fusebill. I am both incredibly proud of where we are now, and very optimistic about where we are headed.

Happy holidays, and here’s to a safe (and hopefully normal) new year.

Tyler Eyamie

CEO, Fusebill

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