2020 in Review – It’s Family-First at Fusebill

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Back in 2011 when we founded Fusebill, my family was young. My children were just one and three years old, and I was in the thick of learning and growing as a father.

At the same time, I was also launching a SaaS start-up.

Something I learned very early on in this adventure was that setting priorities is key. And at the end of the day, family wins every time.

Since day one, I have tried to tell—and show—my team it is okay to be a parent first and an employee second. It is okay to have appointments, sick days, and daycare pick-up times. And it is okay to put your work down at the end of the day and just be with your loved ones.

While family-first has always been an important and often stated value at Fusebill, never has this value been so close to our day-to-day business as it has been throughout 2020.

As a global community, we have encountered the virtualization of many workplaces, and the struggle and closure of others. We have dealt with isolation from the world, our lives, and our families, and sadly, some of us have even experienced painful loss.

As a business, like many others, we took it all in stride. We pivoted and readjusted our goals and expectations this year. We also made it a priority to keep our team together—and it was not just our leadership team that felt this way.

As I have publicly shared before, near the beginning of the pandemic I had several employees proactively reach out to me with the offer of taking a reduced salary or salary pause if it would help their fellow peers.

Fortunately, this was not something we ever needed to take them up on. But I was humbled and left speechless by those gestures.

So for me, 2020 keeps coming back to our business’s dedication to family-first and our drive to ensure every member of our team has what they need to be successful—both professionally and personally.

I asked my marketing crew to connect with the Fusebill team recently to hear their thoughts on family-first as a core Fusebill value.

Their responses made me proud, so I would like to share a few.

A few Fusebillians on family-first

Robert Lance has been with Fusebill for more than four years as a Technical Support Specialist. He says something that has stood out for him is that even if team members are having difficulty outside of work, they are not alone. At Fusebill, it is okay to bring it to the team so we can sort it out together.

“Fusebill has been a great help and the family-first core value shone through during times where some things were pretty tough for me this year. Everyone on the team was helpful and understanding when I had to temporarily step back from work to help an injured family member.

I really appreciated how compassionate everyone was with both the personal effort involved, the challenges I was going through, as well as the accommodations made. This has left a lasting positive impression on me.”


“When you first hear Fusebill's corporate values, it seems odd to list 'family' as one of them,” said Budd Renaud, Implementation Manager at Fusebill. “After all, how is a company supposed to espouse a value that seems almost misplaced in the workplace?

What it comes down to is an appreciation that in the real world, most people value their families above their jobs. A company that forces you to choose between family and your employer is not going to earn the respect and trust of its people. Ensuring everyone has the flexibility they need to make our complicated and messy lives work—while still meeting our commitments to our customers—develops mutual trust.

As a new parent this has been key for me. Having the flexibility to make all the appointments that come with raising a child is priceless. And as hard as I've tried, you can't schedule a diaper disaster or tantrum for outside business hours.”


Daniella Ingrao, Fusebill’s Content Marketing Lead, also juggles the dual role of Fusebillian and parent. And while the pandemic has created daycare challenges and blurred the line between work time and family time, she feels good about where she is at.

“As the mother of a busy two-year-old boy, having the flexibility to take time off when I need to has created a healthy and practical balance between my work life and my family life—especially during this pandemic. Stuff comes up when you have kids, and I’ve truly never worked for an employer that understands and supports that more than Fusebill. When you have that kind of backing and understanding, you get the opportunity to truly be your best.

I’ve also been pretty impressed with Fusebill’s continued commitment to supporting important social causes over the past year—I think we learn a lot more about people by how they react during difficult times than when things are going great. I’m proud to be part of a company that continues to give back.”

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As one of our newer Fusebillians, Bini Kanungo started remotely with the business back in August as a Solutions Architect on our sales team. Here is what he had to say on the topic of family-first.

“Fusebill’s dedication to family values is something special, whether it be within the company or out. After only being here for a few months, and not really ever meeting more than a few people in person (thanks COVID), I’ve been taken aback by how supportive everyone has been with each other and even me!

And knowing that Fusebill’s got my back for anything going on in my personal life is a pretty nice feeling too.”


And finally, we heard from Jamie Munro who has been a Software Developer with Fusebill for nearly eight years.

“Me and my family’s lives have been forever changed during this pandemic. I'm truly thankful that with Fusebill we were able to make a seamless transition to working from home allowing all of us to keep our jobs. So many people have not been as fortunate as we are. I can fall asleep at night knowing that Fusebill is there for me and my family.

Working from home has not been easy. Thankfully, everyone in my Fusebill family is all very understanding of change in work schedules when family emergencies arise.”

Doubling down on customer well-being and product improvements

As the world paused for a moment from March 2020 onward, we took the opportunity to ensure all our customers were okay.

Natalie Roy, our Director of Customer experience, noted one call in particular that has really stuck with her. The customer had lost everything because of the pandemic. The call was emotional, and it was a very human interaction—much more than just a business exchange. This was definitely a moment that brought the situation home for Fusebill.

While we worked alongside several customers navigating various degrees of challenge and hardship, we also had the pleasure of welcoming many new customers looking to pivot and digitally transform their businesses.

We have been impressed to witness the resilience and continued success of many scaling businesses, and we are looking forward to executing on our own aggressive growth plans for 2021.

To support those plans, we have continued to invest in our customer satisfaction program as well as our product development.

As an indicator of our momentum even during the pandemic, we will be announcing some amazing partnerships and industry-leading announcements in our space early in the coming year.

Our winning Fusebill family is growing!

In November, we won ‘Company of the Year’ at the Best Ottawa Business Awards (BOBs). This was yet another moment of pride for the Fusebill team and me.

While 2020 has not been easy, no year ever is in the world of SaaS. Recognitions like the BOB award validate the fact that we thrive on these challenges. This past year has reaffirmed what a strong and resilient group of talented individuals we have in our Fusebill family.

And that team continues to grow!

Over the past months we have increased our employee count by close to 50%. And we are looking to build our team by another 25% in 2021 with positions in engineering, marketing, sales, finance, and more. Click here to see how you can be part of the journey with our winning family.

I look forward to continuing to support my Fusebill family and our incredible community of customers, and to seeing what we can accomplish together in 2021.

Have a happy and safe holiday season, and here’s to a better year ahead!

Tyler Eyamie
CEO, Fusebill

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