Does Your Subscription Business Offer Monthly Upsells?

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success-663328_1280When it comes to growing your business, one of the best ways to do so is to sell to your existing customers. You have already built up a strong trust between you and them to a point that they trust your judgement and know you will provide good service. With this benefit comes reduced marketing and sales costs, which lead to greater profits per unit.

When it comes to selling to your customers, you have two options. Your first is to cross sell. This is selling products that are related to your first but not the same (e.g. fries with a burger). This is easy for most businesses, but your SaaS business might only have one product; meaning you would either have to abandon this option or develop a whole new product which would be costly.

The second option is to upsell. This is where you sell the same product but they order more of it (e.g. a large cola instead of a regular). For a SaaS business this often means more flexibility and features. Here are some of the common attributes that are included in an upsell:

  • More users can access the system.
  • Greater length of historic data.
  • Additional features.
  • More customisation.
  • Removal of third party advertising.

This tactic also has the added advantage that you can target individual clients based on their usage and current information.

How Can SaaS Businesses Use Upselling?

If you want to create more opportunities to earn additional revenue, then creating a tiered product is a good start. Firstly, you want to create a basic package and then add features to create a second level and then add more features for a third level. This can carry on indefinitely. To make it easy on your customers, try to have a maximum of four levels.

Each one of these levels should be charged a different rate, with the packages with more features being more expensive.

Look at our own pricing system. We have two levels for those who have a higher number of subscribers or want to have more powerful features.

screenshot one

Similar higher options are available on subscription services like Dollar Shave Club.

How Can You Advertise Higher Product Levels

To ensure that you are getting the maximum effect from your upselling, you need to have a sound process to identify and market your higher features. One of the key elements of this is to identify who actually needs the higher levels and who is unlikely to need them. Marketing to those who need the extra capacity only will reduce marketing costs and improve conversions.

So, the first best practice is to look for those who are nearly at the maximum capacity of their current plan. This could mean that they have maxed out their users, the number of customers on their system or the number of employees on their system.

Advertising the higher tier could be done via email as soon as they are close to maximum capacity. Another option would be to have an automatic warning through your software. As you are advertising the higher level you should mention why they might need it and what other benefits they get from ordering the higher subscription.

Once someone has made the move to upgrade their subscription, ensure that it is implemented as soon as possible. Most customers would expect this to happen immediately.


Growing your business is about selling more. However, you should not neglect your current customers as there are options to upsell to them and increase your revenue. This is more cost effective than finding new customers and has many other benefits. Your task is to find a way to upsell and then market it to your customers.

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