How Content Marketing Can Help You Build Your Subscription Business

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word-cloud-661058_1280Content marketing is one of the best solutions for generating traffic to your subscription business. It has the power to draw in traffic for the short term as well as for years to come. It also has the power to inform visitors to your site of your expertise and the power of the services that you offer.

This article explains how content marketing can benefit your subscription business and the best practices for your own campaign.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is any marketing that involves creating and sharing media and publishing content to acquire and retain customers. The majority of today’s marketers tend to consider blogging as one of the main aspects of content marketing. However, other content such as videos, podcasts and infographics can also be counted as types of content marketing.

Some individuals will also include content on social media as part of content marketing campaigns. This is because similar processes to create and share content are used in social media as blogging. Also, many content pieces are shared across social media.

What Are The Advantages Of Content Marketing?

There are numerous advantages to content marketing. Firstly, blogging and other mediums give you a form of rich data which allows you to demonstrate your expertise and develop a bond of trust between you and your target audience.

Large proportions of consumers and business people (46%) read blogs every day. Blog content is also highly trustworthy (81% of consumers trust blog content) and it sells well (61% of consumers would buy from blog content).

Content marketing can also be used to improve your standing on search engines. By using the right keywords and key phrases, those looking for terms that are business related can found by search engine users in their queries.

For instance, if you run a tax software company, your target market could use the search terms “tax returns” or “tax calculations” in their search queries. If you create content that contains those terms your audience will find links to your blog posts and other content. Research has shown that the more content you produce, the greater your rank will be on search engines and the more pages you will have indexed.

Finally content marketing activities have been proven to have a positive return on investment of 70%.

What Are The Best Practices?

As with any marketing campaign, there are several best practices for your business. Here’s a list of the best practices to implement:

  1. Create Content In Advance: 65% of blogs have been inactive for more than a year. The biggest problem is that the owners don’t create content in advance. Creating a schedule and content weeks before the intended release date can help maintain a steady flow of marketing content.
  2. Provide Valuable Information: Blog readers like to read content that they can use and share. Therefore, make sure the content on your site is not too promotion and contains valuable content.
  3. Use Images and Videos: They are excellent at keeping your content interesting for the reader. Insert images with every post and include videos when you have something relevant to display.
  4. Blog often: Research has shown that those who blog more often get better results. Ensure that you are producing at least one blog post a week; however, more than one every day is often cited as achieving sales regularly.
  5. Ensure quality: Nothing turns potential customers away as having a poorly written and edited blog post. Keep your content clean by making sure you have fully proofed your content so it reads well.


Content marketing is one of the best ways you can generate interest in your brand and start people down your sales path. By including valuable information you can draw people to your website and blog, from social media and through organic searching. These targeted individuals can then share the content you have provided or become leads and eventually customers.

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