Fusebill & Salesforce: Building a Strategy for Customer Retention

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The role ofImage billing in on-going subscription sales is dramatically increased when compared to traditional transactional sales. After the initial sale (contract signing or online signup) activity and focus that needs to be placed on growing that customer relationship. The fact that customers have made an initial purchase doesn’t mean they will stay, or grow in value.

This makes the initial subscription sale the beginning of the customer lifecycle, and what initiates the real business focus of extending and maximizing the customer lifetime by decreasing churn and increasing revenue.

The problem is that usually the focus of all businesses systems and processes is on the initial sale only. This is particularly true in companies organized around Salesforce. Salesforce manages the pre-sale activities, and little thought is given to what happens to customers afterwards from a billing, lifecycle management and support perspective. Basically there’s a gap that needs to be filled.

Fusebill fills that gap because it is uniquely positioned to support the customer interactions throughout the lifecycle: ordering, account upgrades and downgrades, payment, receiving invoices, disputes and managing payment information.

Fusebill also automates the recurring billing cycle and uses the data generated to create customer insights, and it provides the agility and open interfaces to fit in any customer environment.

A two-way sync integration between Fusebill and Salesforce.com provides a two way information flow, new customers created in Fusebill are automatically sent to Salesforce with Fusebill account fields and subscription data. Information for existing customers such as status, balance, subscription setting and subscription cancellations is also synchronized from Fusebill to Salesforce.

Fusebill provides system-system notifications of events (like new subscriptions, or collection issues) automatically via webhooks, to broadcast changes that are important to downstream systems.

Fusebill also provides a complete REST API, giving access to operations on all data including customers, subscriptions and invoices.


The newly released Fusebill 2014 provides even more flexibility and more sophisticated tools to analyze customer analytics. This post is an excerpt from the popular whitepaper, Billing as a Strategy for Building Customer Loyalty and Retention which you can download at no cost.

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