Fusebill Customer Story: Nuvio

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nuvioCompany overview

For more than 10 years Nuvio's cloud communication service has allowed large and small businesses to enjoy the benefits of VoIP hosted PBX technology. They provide a stable, reliable, and cost effective phone system that is simple to use and manage. Nuvio's mission has always been to break the mold surrounding VoIP and PBX technologies and provide value for their customers.

The Challenge

Years ago, Nuvio built their own billing platform which required not only initial development but ongoing maintenance and updating, and still couldn't provide an easy way for their customers to read and retrieve invoices or simplify payment collection. CEO Jason Talley knew it was time to move from “build” to “buy”.

Our desire was to outsource our billing platform; we wanted our finance department to be able to work directly with our vendor at a business level, instead of having our finance department work with in-house software engineers.”

The Solution

Once the decision was made to buy, Nuvio explored and attempted to use multiple vendor solutions before finding Fusebill. “Recurring billing isn’t rocket science,” says Talley “but many competitors to Fusebill insist on making it overly complex when it comes to operation and setup, and time to deployment was lengthy. We ended up using Fusebill because of its simplicity and because of responsiveness of their team.”

The Results

Talley has seen the results of moving to Fusebill in multiple areas:

The general layout and logic of Fusebill is much better for what we need, and we were able to adapt some of our business methods easily and without much disruption to our customers. Not having to concentrate on the underlying building of the billing system freed up our finance team to begin auditing our customer bases to ensure we were not allowing any leakage of revenue. This was important and we found instances where we were not collecting or charging properly. Moving to Fusebill also allowed us to concentrate on our business, and our core competency while offloading the revenue collection without concern. It is really that simple.

The Fusebill Team

Talley and Nuvio also enjoyed working with Fusebill. “The support team at Fusebill is hands-down the best. Our interactions with Nick and Serge have been wonderful and they worked hard to provide us with tools that helped to make our migration easy and possible. The service is only as good as those backing it up, and our comments, requests, and yes, even bugs, were rapidly addressed and resolved quickly. Honestly, in our mind, that was the most important component, because it mirrors our attitude and philosophy toward how we serve our own customers.”


“We recommend Fusebill because the services work, and work well. When they don’t, or you need help, the team is super responsive. You can’t ask for anything more than that. If Fusebill even comes close to fitting your business needs, you would be wise to seriously consider it.”

- Jason Talley, CEO, Nuvio

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