What would you do with more time? Part 3

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In this series we’ve been sharing some replies we received from our customers when we asked them what they liked best about Fusebill. When the reply was “the time it saves us” we asked them to give us specific details which we found fit into one of four billing categories. In previous post we focused on charging and collecting, today we’ll look at customer service.

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  1. Charging
  2. Collecting
  3. Customer Service
  4. Reporting

Customer Service

- Fusebill’s Self-Service Portal gives your clients secure access to their account information, letting you provide better customer service while reducing the number of calls and email to your billing and support teams. Your customers can view past and current invoices, update contact and billing info, view payments, and even renew subscriptions.

The pre-emptive, automated approach of a Self-Service portal will reduce the number of failed payments and ultimately improve your cash flow. Your lifecycle costs are reduced, productivity is increased and the burden of both PCI compliance and password management is shouldered by Fusebill.

- Fusebill’s Hosted Checkout pages help our customers get to market faster because they can be deployed in minutes without any coding or help from IT.

- Check out pages also let you test pricing, add or remove products, and update tracking codes without having to wait for your development team to make changes to your web pages.

- Decrease response time to customers – Effortlessly prioritize customers by status, and increase the speed and accuracy of communication.

- With instant access to all customer financial info you’ll be able to answer questions and provide better customer service while reducing the number of calls and email to your billing and support teams.

We were really looking to offer better billing options for customers, and be able to test different price points with our packaging. With Fusebill we can quickly iterate. This is the big difference in the SaaS world. It really empowers our SaaS team to take orders on the fly. - Mélanie

If we’ve missed your favorite ‘customer service’ time saver, let us know in the comment section.

Stay tuned for the final post in this series – How Fusebill’s reporting and metrics save you time.



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