As more and more companies switch to a pay-per-use (SaaS) business model, automated billing software is becoming an important financial tool - especially for the growing number of subscription-based companies who manage recurring billing.  

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In the past, the traditional approach to software delivery was typically through a one-time purchase.  However, more often than not, software companies are adopting a pay-per-use pricing strategy for their software services.  Rather than selling a single unit (which was a package of floppy disks or CD-ROMs), they sell a software license on a subscription basis that is centrally hosted.  This license or subscription is based on recurring billing which can become quite complex as companies acquire more customers.  

This pricing shift opened a large window of opportunity, especially for companies with a scalable business model. Moreover, the rapid growth of companies shifting towards a subscription-based pricing model has created great demand for billing automation and management.

Today, there are solutions to automatically manage your subscription billing.

A process that helps reduce billing errors, accurately track and predict revenue and more!



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How does subscription billing automation help?

Subscription billing automation helps companies that are struggling to efficiently invoice customers, and manage the overall billing process. As a result, many companies lose thousands of dollars in revenue from billing errors.

Refer to this article to differentiate betweet rating and billing.

Time Consumption

Many people believe that time is the most valuable commodity. Manual billing requires hours of work and the task is complex and understandibly subject to human error. But with subscription billing automation, you will see a return on your investment instantly from time savings alone.

Revenue Leakage

Many companies are experiencing a revenue leakage. By this we mean, they provide a service but don’t get compensated for it. From a SaaS perspective, it is important to recognize that services offered by your company can include ongoing technical support and continuous access to web interfaces, API integrations, 3rd party vendors and data reporting.


High-level reporting and quick insights are important for every executive. With a subscription management system, the company is able to review and compare financial performance (week to week, month to month, year to year), access monthly recurring revenue analyses and cash-flow trends, monitor customer activity, or track lost payments or deferred revenue. Aside from subscription metrics, there are other SaaS metrics you should understand as they might be helpful to automate your reporting.

Churn Rate Reduction

It is a well-known fact that it costs more to acquire a new customer than retain a customer. Unlike manual billing methods, an automated billing platform has the ability to provide notifications to recover revenue in a timely manner to avoid customer cancellation.

Pricing Changes

Product and service pricing can change for a variety of reasons. Companies that are growing tend to modify their pricing strategies more frequently and the process of price changing can be long and frustrating, especially if you are dealing with multiple currencies. Automated billing platforms enable you to build a new pricing catalog in 1-2 minutes.

Revenue Recognition

Also and important benefit of employing an automated billing system is that it will automatically handle your revenue recognition.  Revenue recognition become much more complex and difficult to manage for a recurring billing operation. Earned and deferred revenue are important measuments of business performance and therefore a critical report to generate correctly. To learn more about revenue regcognition, refer to the Revenue Recognition datasheet.


Billing managment and automation are becoming important tools for businesses who operate in a SaaS enviroment. These tools will allow them to focus on growing thier business and their bottom line. 


Fusebill simplifies subscription and billing management by automating many manual accounting and financial processes and workflows. Our cloud-based platform gives companies the freedom to grow their businesses, the flexibility to capitalize on new product opportunities, and the agility to maintain a competitive edge.

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