5 Website Elements That Can Turn Away Prospective Customers

If you want your online business to be a success, whether or not you are using the subscription model, your website must be good. There are several aspects of businesses websites which have a negative impact on their results; here is our run down of them and what to implement instead.

tagged Recurring Billing on June 23, 2015

Using Different Pricing Strategies In Your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) SaaS Business

When it comes to attracting subscribers to your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) SaaS business, pricing is an important consideration. There are probably numerous other organisations that are out there offering similar or substitute products to your own. While price isn’t always a factor in the purchasing decision of recurring customers, for new customers it can be high on their priority list.

tagged Recurring Billing on June 18, 2015

New Startups Looking At The Netflix Model

When it comes to the subscription model, there are a few giants out there that new start-ups can really admire. One of these is the film and television show provider, Netflix.

tagged Recurring Billing on June 16, 2015

How To Alert Clients About Price Increases When You Use Auto-Renew

The auto-renew billing model is a time saver when it comes to generating revenue from your subscription business. However, when it comes to increasing the price of your subscription service, there are several issues that can arise.

tagged Recurring Billing on June 09, 2015

Is Your Accounting Team Using Customer Churn For Forecasting?

Customer churn is an important metric for your accounting team to measure. Losing customers isn’t just damaging your revenue by a declining income; it can also cost your business money in real terms.

tagged Recurring Billing on June 04, 2015

How To Setup Auto-Renew So Clients Don't Get Upset

Running a subscription business means that you need to set up an auto-renew payment system at some point. This is by far the most cost effective way to generate a long term income from your customer base. However, setting people up on an auto-renew system can be difficult and you should ensure that you are as transparent as possible so you don’t upset them.

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How To Attract New Clients Without Offering A Free Trial

One of the most common ways that subscription services attract new clients is by offering a free trial of their services. One of the best examples of this is Netflix who offer a free month’s subscription to their film and television database for all new clients. While this is an attractive offer for customers, for some businesses this can be too expensive.

tagged Software as a Service on May 26, 2015

When Is It Okay To Set Customers Up On Auto-Renew?

Auto-renewing is an efficient way to collect funds owed to you from customers when they’re regularly using one of your subscription services. It is cost effective as it limits the amount of administrative tasks that you have to complete and lowers the chance your customers won’t pay on time. Both of these make it easier to predict your monthly cash flow.

tagged Recurring Billing on May 21, 2015

The Power Of A Subscription Model For Online Publications

The subscription business model is growing in popularity. Almost every industry sector is now represented by at least one subscription model whether it is men’s fashion, executive travel or organic food.

tagged Recurring Billing on May 19, 2015

Will More Products And Stores Switch To Subscription Models?

The subscription business model is very innovative. But are more industries going to use it?
tagged Recurring Billing on May 12, 2015

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