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Fusebill Improves Email Deliverability

No matter what your business is, if your email is your primary point of contact with your customers, email deliverability (the number of emails successfully delivered) is important.

This is something we take seriously at Fusebill, and not just because we send emails to our customers, but more importantly, because our customers use the Fusebill platform to send emails to their customers.

While our main goals are making sure cash collections are quick and efficient, costs are reduced, and customer lifecycles are extended, email deliverability is a significant part of our business.

It’s very important to us that your customers receive your invoices, welcome emails, dunning emails, renewal notices, receipts, etc. The difference between getting an email delivered to the inbox or not, is revenue. Not just for us, but for you as well. Since on average, 20% of legitimate email never gets delivered, it is a bigger issue than most people think.

You don’t see any of this when you login to Fusebill, but here is some of the behind-the-scenes work we do to improve the deliverability of the system emails. We’ve partnered with SendGrid, a cloud-based email delivery company.

SendGrid has a highly scalable email infrastructure that consists of a fully managed datacenter and is the industry leader in security and reliability.

  • Mail servers are secured so threats of hackers or spamming are eliminated.
  • ISP feedback loops are in place for managing complaints, and processes are in place to react quickly if there are complaints.
  • Postmaster and ‘’abuse” mailboxes are in place, and are monitored.
  • Valid MX record ensures ISPs aren’t blocking email.
  • Email authentication (SPF, DKIM and DMARC).

At Fusebill we recognize that email deliverability is an important part of our service. By using the SendGrid platform, we’re helping to ensure your email is delivered.

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