Fusebill provides high-availability recurring billing service

If you are evaluating recurring billing and payments solutions, service availability should be a key criteria. You’re outsourcing a key business process and need to be confident that your subscription billing service is working, accessible, and processing transactions at all times.

Fusebill provides a high-availability recurring billing service for all of our customers (not just the big ones…). We’ve invested significantly in systems, hardware and processes that keep the service running smoothly and we’re proud of the results.

Fusebill availability monitoring shows 100% up time

Fusebill availability monitoring shows 100% up time for the last week

We monitor our systems externally using Pingdom and the real time results are available in real time in the Support section of the Fusebill website (click here). Historical data for the last few months is also available. We publish the availability of three systems:

  • Fusebill – the main website
  • Fusebill App – the core Fusebill billing application
  • Fusebill API – the systems used for API level integration

When you check, you’ll see a series of green circles indicating that the service is operating normally (knock on wood!). In the rare event of a problem then you’ll see an orange or red indicator – and our operations team will be working continuously until it is restored.

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