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Fusebill is committed to data portability – no vendor lock-in.

Fusebill protects your customer and credit card data in our PCI compliant facilities. We do not use 3rd parties (including payment gateways) for storage of credit card data.

This is important because it means that Fusebill customers are not locked-in to their payment gateway providers. If you decide to switch gateways (for better pricing, for example) then it’s a simple matter of just re-configuring the gateways in your account – Fusebill supports more than 20 payment gateways.

And since Fusebill can also support multiple gateways in one account, that means you can also direct different traffic to different gateways (e.g., ACH vs Credit; or currency, geography, etc.).

Not only are you not locked into a particular payment gateway provider – our commitment to data portability goes far beyond that. Fusebill adheres to the Credit Card Data Portability standard. This means that if you choose (for whatever reason) to terminate your relationship with Fusebill,  we will help securely move your credit card data to you, or to a new provider.

We don’t want any of our customers to leave – ever. But be assured that if you do leave, we will not hold your data hostage.

Fusebill Introduces Communications Tracking – improving customer care tools

Fusebill helps automate lifecycle emails to your customers, so that you can eliminate the manual work and processing of emails like:

  • New customer “welcome” emails
  • Successful payment notifications
  • Failed payment notifications
  • Alerts about expiring credit cards
  • Statements and invoices
  • Collection warnings, dunning emails and account status changes.

What happens when your client claims (rightly or wrongly) not to have received an email? Or has lost the important information contained in the welcome email? Misplaced an invoice?

We’ve introduced a new Communications Tracker  that lets customer service teams view and resend all the emails sent to a customer.

Fusebill Communications Log

Fusebill Communications Log

This complements the Financial Transactions logging that provides a centralized tracking of all charges and payments to the customer account, so the customer care team can manage all of the recurring billing needs.

Financial Transaction Logging

Financial Transaction Logging

Fusebill expands electronic payment types to include e-checks (ACH)

Fusebill now supports e-checking (ACH debit) as a payment option. This means that you can offer your clients the choices of paying electronically by credit cards, or by e-checking (or offline via checking or wire transfers).

Fusebill treats e-checking similarly to credit cards, in that payments are automatically processed on the billing day. The difference is that e-checking withdraws the payment directly from your client’s bank account. Just as we gracefully manage declined credit cards we also manage debit payment failures.

Not all payment gateways support ACH debit payments; contact your account representative for more details.

Fusebill Expands Board of Directors, Appoints Joseph Nour Chairman

Fusebill, a high-growth provider of automated billing systems for subscription based businesses, announced today that Matt Hall a nd Joseph A. Nour, have joined the board of directors. Mr. Nour will serve as Chairman of the Board.

Steve Adams, CEO, and co-founders Tyler Eyamie and Greg Burwell are also on the board.

“I am very pleased to be involved with such a strong team,” said. Nour. “We have a long history of working together in previous companies, and I look forward to helping the company continue to accelerate its growth.”

In response to the appointment, Hall said“I’m really excited by both the market opportunity for online billing, as well as the quality of the Fusebill team.” said  Hall. “This is a company that is executing very well and has great potential.”

Nour was the co-founder and CEO of Protus IP Solutions, which was acquired by j2 Global in 2010. A past winner of the OBJ 40 under 40 award, Nour is a graduate of the University of Ottawa.

Hall is Vice President, Investments, at Covington Group of Funds, where his responsibilities include reviewing new opportunities, executing transactions and supporting portfolio companies.