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Fusebill now provides a quick and easy way for customers to offer their subscription services online. Our new Hosted Pages feature creates, builds, and hosts online checkout pages - all without writing any code.

(Note: for people who do like to code, we also offer our fully featured API to more tightly integrate Fusebill with your web application or others systems.)

Using a Hosted Checkout Page is the fastest and easiest way to get a PCI compliant, secure order page. Literally, in a minute or two you can have a basic checkout page online and taking orders - featuring your branding and product offerings. Spend a few minutes more and tailor the colors, fonts and images to match your look and feel.

You have control over the page name (URL) itself, and its contents. Choose which price plans appear on the page, and which additional add-ons to offer as optional choices - these can be mandatory (like the Setup fee below) or optional (like the Gold SLA).

Choose which price plans to offer Choose which price plans to offer

Select options to present Select options to present

Choose what customer data you'd like to collect and then we'll finish building the page content.

Specify which customer data to collect Specify which customer data to collect

Finally, spend a few minutes to tailor the page:

- choose the font, text size and color

- upload your logo

- choose background and foreground colours

Tailor Fonts, Colors and Images Tailor Fonts, Colors and Images

A word about security: because these pages are hosted by Fusebill (in our PCI compliant data centers) and all the data is securely submitted to our systems, you don't need to worry about PCI compliance. Using Hosted Checkout Pages is the fastest way to PCI compliant secure online ordering.

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